Events are hard. Organising is ever more complex, demanding and extensive: we provide structured, measured advice. We plan, manage and deliver events on any scale.

Focused and easy to work with, we’re Australia’s recognised organising partner for all event management and support. Wide-reaching expertise from years of experience and knowledge in large-scale events. The trusted go-to operator from strategy & planning to delivery & review.

Our team of exceptional event managers, coordinators, site crew plus equipment brings end-to-end operation geared to you and your event.

People make it happen. Key task: placing passionate event staff into the sport, event and entertainment industry. We bring international expertise. Workforce diversity sets us apart.

Experienced, proven, inspired; we connect hard-working, talented staff with the best clients around Australia and beyond.

Our secret: intellectual understanding of leading-edge workforce resource, human and digital. Placement with a purpose, we call it.

Our values commitment: we believe motivated and determined people deserve to wake up every day to work in their dream job, no matter their background or beliefs.

As event organising becomes ever more complex, demanding and extensive, you need deep expertise in support.

Spark is your one-stop shop. The far-reaching operator in workforce plus on-the-ground operation and logistics.

Spark provides the operations savvy of trusted event delivery gurus Miles Per Hour, together with the proven people resource of Event Workforce Group. Powerful names in events – they’re onto it.



  • Who is Spark Event Group?

    In 2019, Spark Event Group was created through the combination of the respected go-to event management company, Miles Per Hour, with Event Workforce Group, a world-class supplier of smart people resource solutions, physical and digital. Trusted and proven, Spark is the one-stop shop with wide-reaching expertise.

    Combining Event Management, Operations and Event Workforce, we are sparked by comprehensive end-to-end solutions, with a commitment to personal growth and ethical social practices at our core. With trusted and proven ways to ace your event planning, operations, staffing, technology and support, our dedicated, experienced, friendly and always positive superstars of the industry are ready to help.

    One Organiser to cover it all, we make events happen!

  • How can Spark Event Group help me with event staff for my event?

    Spark is the leading supplier of event workforce solutions in Australia, working across the biggest events, with the largest agencies and brands. We provide motivated experienced event staff for events in all shapes and sizes.

    At Spark, we know our staff back to front, so we can supply just the right fit for your need.

  • How can Spark Event Group help me plan and manage my event?

    As event management experts, Spark provides end-to-end event management services in Australia across events on every scale. Providing structured, measured advice, Spark has an exceptional team of event organisers incorporating event managers, coordinators, site crew and equipment for all event management solutions.

    Incorporating event operations, project management consultancy, planning and end-to-end delivery, Spark’s event management team has over 110 years combined experience.

  • What event management solutions can Spark provide for my event?

    At Spark, we provide end to end event management solutions to assist you with:

    + project management
    + venue management
    + site planning
    + operations & logistics
    + event marketing & promotion
    + entertainment & production management
    + catering
    + budgeting & financial management
    + risk management
    + council approval & event feasibility
    + event staffing & management
    and much more…

  • How can I apply for event work with Spark Event Group?

    Head to our opportunities page to apply within your state. Alternatively, email the Workforce Team at hello@sparkeventgroup.com.

    If you are already a Spark workforcer, login to your Rosterfy portalRosterfy portal to see all upcoming opportunities available.